Capital One Bill Pay

If you have a Capital One Credit Card then rest assured, you have multiple ways of paying back the bills. Their whole system was designed to make it as simple as possible. Capital One bill pays are now faster and easier than ever. Simply chose the best method that suits your needs.

Capital One Bill Pay Method #1 – Online

Capital One holders can now pay their bills online. All they have to do is enroll in the Online Banking feature. This will give them the option of paying their bills online within minutes. In order to enroll in this feature, you need to make sure you have everything they require. First of all, you need your Capital One credit card number. Without this, you cannot use this feature and you wouldn’t even have to. You will also need your social security number, your email address and the last 3 digits on the back of your card that act as additional security.

All Capital One card holders also have the option to pay their bills automatically using the special “AutoPay” feature. This option is by default disabled, but it can be activated from the Online Banking tab.

Also in terms of payment processing, only payments made before 8 pm EAST during the business days will be processed the same day; the rest will be processed the next day.

Capital One Bill Pay Method #2 – via phone

Capital One card holders also benefit from a toll free phone that they can use to call and make the payments. The number is 1-800-955-7070 and is available at any given time.Of course this method is best when you also have questions to ask since the representative will also assist you in the process if you want to.

Capital One Bill Pay Method #3 – via mail

Capital One Bill Pay can also be done in the old fashioned way. While they prefer to avoid dealing with mails, they will also accept this form of payment. All you have to do is write a check and send it to them. Make sure you also attach the coupon they send you with the bill. Also add your credit card number (only the first 6 digits) along with them. In case you forgot where you put your statements, you can always use their payment wizard function from the website and get the payment remittance address.

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